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Too Busy Running Your Business?

Don't Seem to Have Enough Time to Promote Your Business as You Would Like.


Let Us Build You an Effective Mobile Marketing App within The MyTown Loyalty App to Generate More Paying Customers For Your Business.




Be in front of your potential customers when they need you.

Generate more sales via the MyTown Local Loyalty App.

(Your Local Mobile Marketing Platform)


Place Your Business in-front of Customers Who Are Ready-to-Buy from you.



We'll build your business a mobile app and promote it to a Ready-to-Buy Community who is looking for a business just like yours.


 MyTown was created with local businesses like yours in mind.

MyTown gives you a platform to promote your business to thousands of local residents, (of which hundreds have recently moved into the area) Thousands of students and the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit your area each and every year, who don't know of you yet.


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 Let MyTown Help Promote Your Business.

We'll promote you on our local community marketing platforms.

Benefit from our regular marketing campaigns and promotional drives.

 Why Mobile?


An All-in-One Local Marketing Platform.

Your Own Mobile App Within Our App.

Easy-to-Use Built-in Advanced Multi-Functioning Mobile Marketing Tools with Smart Online Integration Solutions that Delivers a Better Customer Experience.


  • Mobile Push Notifications (Gain instant & direct access to your customers, keep them up-to-date with events, specials, and announcements.)
  • Leads & Customer Generation & Management (An effective way to gather contact information from app users so that updates and special offers can be communicated easily and efficiently.)
  • Event Calander Management (Build engagement with your users with event promotions)
  • Mailing List Generation, Dynamic Contact Forms & Surveys (A fantastic way to gather contact information directly from the app, so users are updates with upcoming events and can take advantage of your latest special offers, all communicated easily and efficiently via your app)
  • Email & SMS Marketing (intergrade your email campaigns within your app, collect email addresses and start building an effective mailing list of interested potential customers who wants to hear from you about your products & services)
  • Instant Contact Features (Allows the user to instantly call, email or locate you with a single tap of their finger)
  • Smooth Integration (Improve operational efficiency by Integrating with third-party services to streamline your processes)
  • Social Media Management & Integration (Easily share your app on popular social media platforms directly from the app, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In and many others)
  • Video & Audio Integration (This Integrate feature allows you to display all your videos & audios in a smooth and clean manner, accessible right within your app)
  • Online Booking Integration (Seamlessly integrate with many online booking systems directly from your app)
  • Your Own Secured Back Office Dashboard & Analytics (Enables you to manage change and update your app at any time, including various features such as; analytics, social media, and push notifications. Keep track of users and interactions to see how well your app is performing. Make instant adjustments to deliver the best possible experience to your users.
  • Secured E-commerce & Point-of-Sale (Place ordering power in your customers’ hands to increase revenue and improve your customer shopping experience with you)
  • Loyalty, Referral & Repeat Business Generation (Create value, reward loyal customers, increase repeat business and improve user engagement)
  • Review & Testimonial Generation & Management (become more popular by building your reputation within your community by receiving positive reviews and improving your image)

All within just one platform and for just one low price.


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You're Not Alone! We Are Here to Help You Get Results.

Let's partner up and work together with one goal in mind...

Your Business!

You don't just get an app with us,

You get the full marketing treatment.


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5000 local AdCards is printed & distributed within your area.



Your Local AdCards is Limited to just 20 Spaces Per Area.

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