It Costs 5 Times More To AttractNew Customers Than To Keep Them!

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to spend that amount just to attract new customers?

And wouldn't it be great if you could benefit and profit from your empty seats and unsold tickets?


Well, you can now! As our partner, we will help you to attract new customers and convert your unused or unsold tickets and empty seats into profit at no extra cost to you.

You can then focus on looking after your customers and developing your repeat business strategy, saving you time and money.


80% of All Your Company's Sales Come From Your Customers Within.

Statistics show that back-end sales can make as much as eight times the initial sale.

It also costs far less to sell to customers who are already through your doors with a successful selling rate of up to 70%.


It’s a well-established fact that it is much more profitable on a short and long term basis to focus on back-end sales and customer retention than customer acquisition, as existing customers account for more than 80% of a business's turnover.


Recent statistics show that a customer already through the door is 5x as likely to repurchase, 5x as likely to forgive, 4x as likely to refer and 7x as likely to try new products and services.


Do you have any unsold/unused tickets or empty seats that you would like us to fill?

By passing some of your unsold, unused or heavily discounted tickets to MyTown

to use to attract new customers for you, you will benefit from our marketing

platform and promotional tools at no extra cost to you.

Join Our Partnership Program

Our mission to our partners is to generate much need traffic-flow and to get more bums on seats and foot-fold through the doors.


Support the Local Business Community

Our partners will help bring more value to our local business community. With their support, it will encourage the community to support, use and buy from their local businesses and at the same time, our partners will generate an extra flow of traffic through their doors.


By providing MyTown (Marketing Madness) with some free and heavily discounted unused and unsold tickets/seats/memberships/passes/etc. to pass onto the community which will add value to our local businesses and community via our:

  • Monthly Free Prize Giveaways
  • Local Schools & Educational Home-Ed Group Sponsorship
  • Customer and Staff Promotions


(See full details of sponsored packages here)

Partner Benefits

By filling some of those empty seats that would have been left empty or unsold tickets that would not have been sold gives our partners the opportunity to make money on the back-end sales, up/re-sales, paid referrals and newly introduced customers.


Our partners will also benefit from prime real-estate space on the MyTown app, website, and all our third-party apps. They will benefit from our push notification messaging service, email marketing, videos, printed literature, marketing flyers, posters, our Local-AdCards printed and distributed within main catchment areas and other forms of regular promotions.

We offer our partners the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Being seen supporting their local business community in a high-profile manner
  • Increasing their value within their community
  • Improving and Increasing their brand awareness and local reputation
  • Targeting and reaching out to new customers and markets
  • Increasing foot-fold through their doors that previously would not have been possible
  • Regularly filling empty seats and unsold tickets
  • Increasing their back-end sales, up-sales and referrals
  • No up-front cost or out-of-pocket expenses
  • Hundreds of pounds worth of marketing and advertising
  • Receiving ‘Prime Real-Estate’ on our app, website and our third-party apps
  • All our marketing tools and ongoing promotions
  • FREE Videos
  • Gaining a competitive edge over their competitors
  • Our exclusive partnership deal


Supporting the community with a few free tickets this way will show your support to the local community, with no up-front cost or out-of-pocket expense to you. The back-end rewards can be very powerful and sharing in a joint venture partnership with MyTown will be very rewarding for all our partners.


We would love to discuss with you this opportunity in more detail as to how you can benefit from this FREE opportunity. Full details, arrangements and the terms & conditions of each individual partnership between MyTown (Marketing Madness) and our partners will be worked out on an individual basis.



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