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Improve parent engagement with free unlimited messaging with our FREE school app

The best way to keep parents and pupils updated with what’s going on at your school. Used effectively, it can save your school money too.

An app is a very simple and effective way to engage with your parents, guardians, and members.

MyTown's FREE school app provides all the information about your school that parents need while they’re on the go.



Unlike many "free" apps where you get a couple of limited features, unwanted advertising plastered all over, or only a short trial period; we offer a fully functional, unlimited and completely FREE app with no catches or unwanted ads.

We'll even host you with a FREE sub-domain name.


Fully Branded Design

We offer an app designed and branded to your school with our free school bespoke design service.

You only have to supply us with your branding, logo, images, etc. and we'll do the rest to get you up and running.


All Instant App Messages are FREE and Unlimited.

App messaging means that you can ensure that parents never miss a thing. You'll be able to send out parents' evening invitations or important messages straight to their phones with just one touch. They'll no longer have to search through cluttered inboxes for important messages. 


Reduce the cost of sending thousands of text messages and save money on paper and printing with unlimited FREE instant messages.


Secured Password-Protected Administration Back Office

You'll have full access to your back office to add or change anything at any time quickly and easily.

You will be able to: 

  • Populate your site to how you want it
  • Send out forms and surveys for parents to complete
  • Organize attendance at meetings and events
  • Change, amend and update anything at any time at your convenience
  • Check your stats
  • Send out push notifications

and so much more.



Fully Compatible

All our PWA apps are fully compatible with all devices across all platforms. 

Parents who don’t own a smartphone can use a web browser which works in the same way as the app.


Full of Features

Your school will receive a full range of fantastic features for FREE,
such as:

  • Contact Features
  • An Event Calendar Feature
  • Meeting & Term Date Features
  • News & Information Features
  • A Photo Gallery Feature
  • A Documents Folder
  • Resources & Homework Features
  • Forms & Survey Features
  • Multi-Integration Features
  • An App Messaging Service
  • A Secure Password Protected Back Office



Need More?


Upgrade to Pro-Pack

You can also upgrade to our Pro-Pack for just £99. That's just £8.25 per month, which offers your school:

  • E-Commerces Features (Unlimited - No commissions or extra fees)
  • Reward Programs (Unlimited)
  • Personally Branded Domain Name
  • Video Logo + Bonus Video

Mobile E-commerce (for Merchandise and Payments)

Collect payments straight from your app from parents for dinners, trips, uniforms, fees, merchandise, etc.


Reward Programs

Why not set up a reward system for your school? You'll be able to reward students with points and parents will be able to collect points each time they purchase school merchandise of any kind.


Professional Video Logo

We will provide your school with a FREE video logo.

(See an example on top of this page.)




Check Out Our Video-Pack!

We can put together short professional videos for your school.

This is a Be-Spoke video editing service, so contact us if you would like to know more.


Contact us if you would like more information about receiving a FREE school app.




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